Carolina Bucci Audemars Piguet Watch

Audemars Piguet x Carolina Bucci


The creative partnership of Audemars Piguet and Carolina Bucci delivers another surprise with this eponymous 37mm limited edition Royal Oak in yellow gold. The shiny, silver-toned mirror, framed with the shimmering sparkle of a Florentine Finish Frosted Gold case and bracelet, replaces the trademark “Tapisserie” Royal Oak dial. Described by Carolina as “rebellious” in character, this is an attention- grabbing piece, made in the image of a woman of today: spontaneous, true-to-life and totally unapologetic. 

Tapping into four generations of knowledge and craftsmanship, Carolina reinvents the classic Royal Oak frame, allowing traditional techniques to evolve, showcasing these seamlessly alongside her contemporary aesthetic. 

"When I was considering this new watch, I wanted to create a dynamic contrast of surfaces and settled on the idea of taking the tapisserie dial in the opposite direction towards pure reflection," says Carolina Bucci. "I was drawn to the idea of the appearance of no surface at all, like when you see a calm lake framed by nothing but trees and the sky ... the water almost disappears."
By incorporating the same tradition of excellence innate to our fine jewellery, Carolina enables the Limited Edition Royal Oak to be as much an item of jewellery as it is a perfectly crafted timepiece, while maintaining a fine balance between innovation and effortless elegance. It’s a creation that has come with technical challenges. The mirrored dial is the most unforgiving component; only perfection will do. 

For me, Royal Oak is the watch. I wear it all the time; it’s part of my style, my signature 



Carolina’s original 2016 Frosted Gold design celebrated 40 years of Royal Oak for women. With this limited edition of 300 pieces, her design evolves in new directions. For the first time, the ‘diamond dust’ finish appears in yellow gold—Carolina’s favourite version of this precious metal. There’s novelty in the packaging as well, with a mirrored box bearing a Frosted Gold AP insignia. Above all, being almost without precedent in the annals of the Manufacture, this mirrored dial is stunning.

Carolina explains her inspiration with a certain, yet unexpected, creative logic: “With the first Frosted Gold design, I took the perfection of the Royal Oak case and bracelet and ‘roughed them up’ a little, juxtaposing the perfectly imperfect Florentine finish with Swiss watchmaking precision. Now I’m doing the opposite, taking the textured surface of the “Tapisserie” dial and flattening it out into a perfectly smooth mirror.

The motive for both is to create something interesting and unpredictable. It’s a fresh take on an icon made in the image of a contemporary woman. The mirror is always interacting with its environment, ever-changing according to what clothes you’re wearing, the décor of the room, the lighting, the time of day, the weather.” 

I designed the Royal Oak Frosted Gold in response to a challenge from Audemars Piguet 


Chairwoman of Audemars Piguet’s Board of Directors, Jasmine Audemars is an established fan of Frosted Gold and has been wearing the first edition 37mm selfwinding model since 2016. For her, “the creativity behind the Frosted Gold watch is simply amazing. It is both art and a very high level of technology. With Carolina Bucci, we created a kind of masterpiece.” 

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