About Color Field

The Color Field bracelet begins its life as a blank canvas. Each of the hundreds of separately cast diamonds and sapphires are pixels of color, waiting to be woven together to paint a picture. A palette of precious stones at your command.

Carolina Bucci wearing the Color Field bracelet alongside the black ceramic Royal Oak watch she designed for Audemars Piguet

“I like to call this bracelet the height of personalisation — it takes our jewellers weeks to make each one, working on the loom with each separately cast stone to get a perfect fit for your wrist.”

Carolina Bucci Color Field bracelet, made of rows of diamonds and sapphires
Close-up of Carolina's hands wearing the Color Field and Woven bracelets with the black ceramic Royal Oak watch Carolina Bucci designed for Audemars Piguet

Color Field is the result of years of trial and error, working to extend the possibilities of our Woven collection.

Here, for the first time, we have created a flexible canvas of precious stones that can be set to the design of the wearer — creating a pattern, a mood, the wearer’s initials or even a favourite word. Each bracelet is a completely bespoke commission that will be unique, crafted and created by our master Florentine jewellers.

The process of making Carolina Bucci's fully bespoke Color Field bracelet

Everything starts with an idea and a sketch. Maybe you want your initials in champagne diamonds? Or your name spelled out in a rainbow of sapphires? From that starting point you will work with our Atelier in Florence to create the perfect bracelet for you.

Rainbow Color Field bracelet on a stone bench in our Florence Atelier

Each Color Field bracelet is made up of row upon row of precious stones set in varying colors of gold in order to highlight their vibrancy.

The making of a bespoke Color Field bracelet in our Florentine Atelier

All of these castings are Florentine-finished on the reverse, a method of hammering gold that is a signature of Carolina Bucci. 

The separate castings are carefully assembled on 18k gold chains which are then handwoven together with silk threads on a loom that has been adapted from the Renaissance. It takes a precision honed over generations in order to bring all of these elements together to make a bracelet that will hug your wrist to perfection.