Our Story

Carolina Bucci and her father Ferdinando Bucci at the family atelier in Florence.
Carolina and her father in our Florence atelier.

Carolina Bucci makes inspiring, distinctive jewellery designed with a reverence for craftsmanship and executed with elegance.

Established by fourth generation fine jeweller, Carolina Bucci, our brand and its creations are interwoven with the personal stories of our designer as well as the rich heritage of the Bucci family. Every piece of fine jewellery is created in the family's workshops in the goldsmiths’ quarter of Florence, where Carolina can sit side by side with craftsmen to work out how each new design can be realised. This simple, direct relationship between creative and creation is at the very heart of what Carolina Bucci stands for.

Carolina Bucci wearing an 1885 Links necklace, Twister Luxe bracelets and the limited edition Royal Oak Carolina designed in collaboration with Audemars Piguet.

Meticulously crafted, effortlessly worn.

The Woven loom in our Florence atelier – a centuries-old loom originally designed to weave textiles, but adapted to weave gold and silk threads.
Centuries-old Woven loom in our Florence atelier.

The tradition of excellence in fine jewellery manufacturing innate to the workshops is what allows Carolina to design contemporary, intricate and unusual pieces that have a distinct point of difference from traditional fine jewellery.

The first collection from Carolina Bucci, Woven, was created using a centuries-old loom originally designed to weave textiles, but adapted to weave gold and silk threads.

Carolina Bucci Tutto Per Te 18k yellow gold ring in our Florence atelier.

“I am, at heart, fascinated by the possibilities of gold, and I love to make it do things that it’s not supposed to — whether that’s move like fabric like our Woven pieces, or glimmer like diamonds as our Florentine Finish does, or even to have gold stretch like elastic in the case of our K.I.S.S. bracelets."

Landscape of Florence, taken from the hills of Fiesole.
K.I.S.S. Bracelets and Carolina's limited edition Royal Oak.

Our K.I.S.S. collection is the latest in a series of collaborations with the Swiss watchmaker, Audemars Piguet, that has seen Carolina redesign their iconic Royal Oak. As a brand we thrive on the challenge of working alongside masters of craft, whatever their field, and our wider collaborations reflect this.

The Cuore collection being made in our Florence workshop.

Bespoke is not about minor alterations to existing designs but a personal experience for each client that begins with an idea, and ends with a physical realisation of their story.

Our bespoke service allows clients to create a piece or suite of jewellery that is completely unique in spirit. Whatever the story behind a commission, the designers and craftsmen will apply the finest techniques and materials to bring it to life.

Carolina standing by cypress trees in the hills above Florence.

Carolina's personal stories — her memories, her experiences — are intertwined with each of her designs. What makes a piece priceless and precious on a personal level are the stories.