In 2018, when Carolina Bucci was working with the master watchmakers at Audemars Piguet to finalise the designs for her Limited Edition Royal Oak, she began to ask herself a hypothetical question:


What would these craftsmen and craftswomen create if they were let loose in the world of fine jewellery?

There is a word often used in high-end watchmaking to describe the technical aspects and achievements of the craft: complication.


Whereas the word carries a negative meaning in most other areas of life, for the watchmaker, it is something to be pursued and acclaimed.

The K.I.S.S. collection is inspired by a fascination with the inner workings of a watch.


Specifically the balance spring, which is also called the heart of the watch.

At Carolina Bucci we like to make gold do things it shouldn’t do. So in this case, gold is elastic.


Each bracelet and necklace is at its simplest, one single coil of 18k gold.


Just like a spring.

Much as one tells the time on one’s watch, without thinking too much about it, these pieces are designed to be the opposite of complicated... to keep it simple.


In fact, Keep It Super Simple.