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Lucky for Life: Meredith Melling and Valerie Macaulay

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Words by Coco Mellors, Imagery by Seana Redmond
"Meredith is indefatigable. No matter how many children or dogs she has, she seems to have the same amount of energy as when we first met."

There’s a reason the friendship bracelet has long been the sartorial symbol of platonic love. Colourful, characterful and one-of-a-kind, it’s an apt embodiment of what true connection feels like. As we get older and our relationships (hopefully) mature, there’s something lovely about the humble friendship bracelet evolving with us. A favorite for over twenty years, the Lucky bracelets’ charms and intricate woven style are the grown-up version of a childhood classic.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the dynamic duos we admire, whether they’re friends, sisters, or mothers and daughters. Because let’s face it, there’s something about the bond between women — how it blossoms, survives and thrives over time — that’s just so intriguing.

This year, the Lucky bracelet turns twenty. And ten years ago, the former Vogue editors Meredith Melling and Valerie Macaulay celebrated the first ten years of Lucky by posting their matching bracelets on the early days of Instagram. Having styled Lucky on the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Ruby and Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Selby Drummond and Bee Shaffer, among so many more, the pair know of the timeless nature of an adult friendship bracelet better than most. Marking another ten years of the braided favorite, an interview on La Catena brings us up to speed with how the two friends have since started La Ligne. Founded in 2015, La Ligne is an amalgamation of their shared taste for the right versions of wearable stripes. Running the company between London and New York, they would be first to say that above all else — they are Lucky for Life.

Would you describe your relationship as a typical friendship?

Valerie: It's atypical, in that we are friends who own a business together and have consistently worked alongside each other for almost twenty years. Sometimes those relationships are closer than friends who are just friends.

Meredith: I guess technically not, since we’re also business partners, but yes in that we share everything, love and respect one another, and no one makes me laugh more.

What’s something you’ve learned over time about the other that’s surprised you?

Valerie: Meredith is indefatigable. No matter how many children or dogs she has, she seems to have the same amount of energy as when we first met.

Meredith: I always knew Valerie would make a great mother but she's actually an AMAZING mother.

When was the last time you called the other and why?

Valerie: I don't talk on the phone, but we messaged yesterday about IG content.

Meredith: We don't really call but we WhatsApp, Slack and email daily.

If your friendship was a song, which would it be?

Valerie: Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

What’s your favorite trip you’ve ever taken together?

Valerie: Our trip to Italy in the summer of 2014. We went to Capri and Positano which was loosely a work/research trip but ended up being so carefree and fun and one of the last girls trips I took before having kids.

Meredith: The most amazing boat trip to Capri with our friend Mary Alice Haney.

What is the last gift you gave the other and what was the occasion? Is there a memorable story that sums up why?

Valerie: For Christmas I gave Meredith a Muzungu Sisters green shroom necklace. She loves green like I do, and appreciates a whimsical charm.

Meredith: There's actually one waiting for Valerie on her desk. I love to bring stripe-inspired presents back from my travels for the LL co-founders and my team.

Is there a book or movie you recently recommended to the other?

Valerie: I am going to do one now, Mer, please read "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin.

Meredith: Call My Agent is in the queue.

What’s the best advice you’ve either gotten from or given to the other?

Valerie: "Always take the meeting."

Meredith: Years ago, Valerie and I were on set with a very important client in NYC. My father was terminally ill and my brother called me to say he was really struggling and that I should get home to Boston as soon as possible. I remember telling him I would come straight to them as I finished my job. I was shaken when we hung up and I told Valerie about our exchange. She simply said, "Go. Get out of here. You need to go now. I got this." And so I did and I am eternally grateful to her for this because my father passed just moments after my arrival.

How are your styles different? How are they similar?

Valerie: Aside from stripes, we both love wide leg trousers and never met an oversize sweater we didn't like, but I veer towards a more tailored tomboy while Mer goes coastal bohemian.

Meredith: They are similar in that we both love stripes! And we are similar in that we love unique, quirky finds but I guess we differ in that what makes these pieces "unique" is that they are different from anything else the other has.

What do you admire most about the other?

Valerie: Her capacity for generosity particularly with her time. If you need her, she will be there.

Meredith: As someone who is prone to hemming and hawing, I truly admire Valerie's decisiveness. It's so confident!

What single word best captures your relationship?

Valerie: Synergetic.

Meredith: Is there a single word for friend/colleague/sister/muse/confidant/true queen?

Do you have any nicknames for each other? If so, what are they?

Valerie: Mer.

Meredith: It's not unique to our relationship, but I call her Val.

What do you thank each other for, regularly?

Valerie: IG content.

Meredith: Well this is not very sentimental sounding but I thank her regularly for giving good Instagram! She's our LL social media star — whatever Valerie is wearing, our followers want to emulate.

What is something you would like to thank each other for today?

Valerie: Constantly inspiring me and pushing me to do more. Simply by leading by example.

Meredith: I want to thank Valerie for her friendship, through personal and professional thick and thin.

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