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The Story

Downtown is a place.
But, more importantly, Downtown is an attitude.
A spirit of confident experimentation.
An attitude not confined by rules.

‘Uptown is for people who have already done something. Downtown is where they’re doing something now. I live Uptown but I love Downtown.’ — Andy Warhol

As Carolina recounts, “My jewellery has always been at heart about two important places in my life — Florence for the legacy of goldsmithing that I have inherited from my family, but also New York. It’s where I moved at 18 years old to study, and where I learned the confidence to break rules. This new collection is my tribute to those first weeks in the city, marvelling at women who seemed so effortlessly cool that they could pull off any look... a Saturday morning at the coffee shop in jewellery, pyjamas and a long coat. That’s what Downtown means to me.”

The collection builds on all the key codes of Carolina Bucci. Precious materials and colours are brought into irreverent juxtaposition, and the various componable elements of the necklaces allow the wearer to create their own perfectly personalised statement piece.

Featuring spheres in 3 different finishes — carved from semi-precious stones, or crafted in Florentine Finish 18k gold, or else meticulously wrought in enamel — these necklaces are designed to be worn as a kind of loose choker... up close to the wearer’s face, where the colours can reflect one’s individuality.

To get things started, Carolina has created 6 colour combinations named after different New York neighbourhoods: 

SohoNolitaBoweryTribecaGreenwich Village and Gramercy.

Should you wish to make your own unique Downtown combination, please contact our Customer Service team.