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Lucky for Life: Carlotta Oddi and Chiara Totire

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Words by Coco Mellors, Imagery by Seana Redmond
"There has never been a rivalry between us, but an honest relationship of friendship and complicity was born immediately."

There’s a reason the friendship bracelet has long been the sartorial symbol of platonic love. Colorful, characterful and one-of-a-kind, it’s an apt embodiment of what true connection feels like. As we get older and our relationships (hopefully) mature, there’s something lovely about the humble friendship bracelet evolving with us. A favorite for over twenty years, the Lucky bracelets' charms and intricate woven style are the grown-up version of a childhood classic.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the dynamic duos we admire, whether they’re friends, sisters, or mothers and daughters. Because let’s face it, there’s something about the bond between women — how it blossoms, survives and thrives over time — that’s just so intriguing.

Friends, fashion experts, and fellow Italians Carlotta Oddi and Chiara Totire have a bond that’s been a source of both strength and love (or “amo” as they say) in their lives. After meeting at Vogue Japan, the two became much more than co-workers, helping each other through difficult times and taking memorable trips around Italy together. Today, the friends continue to explore their love of fashion — Carlotta started the luxury knitwear label Alanui with her brother, while Chiara works as a stylist and fashion consultant for brands around the world — both knowing the other is always just a phone call away.

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First things first: how did you become friends? Was it an instant connection or a slow burn?

Chiara: We met at the Vogue Japan office. Carlotta was there already; I arrived two years after her. It wasn’t love at first sight in the beginning, but after a few months we went on a work trip together and experienced many moments that made us really close.

Carlotta: I met Chiara for the first time in Puglia at an event, and a few months later she started working at Vogue Japan. Working together we had the opportunity to get to know each other and share many special moments that lead to personal growth together. There has never been a rivalry between us, but an honest relationship of friendship and complexity was born immediately.

What’s something you’ve since learned about the other that’s surprised you or you didn’t initially expect?

Chiara: Carlotta is like a mom: she will die for you. I didn’t expect that until few years ago when I really needed a friend.

Carlotta: Chiara is one of the strongest and most tenacious people I have ever met and has always been close to me in times of need.

When was the last time you called the other and why?

Chiara: We call each other often for many different reasons. Last time we spoke was just to say hi and check up on each other.

Carlotta: Like all good friends, we call each other a lot!

If your friendship was a song, which would it be?

“Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed.

What’s your favorite trip you’ve ever taken together?

Chiara: The best one was in Tokyo and it was the same one that brought us closer.

Carlotta: I agree, my favorite trip together was our first work-trip to Tokyo, but I also have so many good memories of our summer trips around Italy.

What is the last gift you gave the other and what was the occasion?

Chiara: I bought her a lamp for her new home.

Carlotta: A pair of Alanui x Sebago boat shoes that she loves! I also recommended a special book, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, and she loves it!

What’s the best advice you’ve either gotten from or given to the other?

Chiara: The best advice she gave me was related to a situation I was going through. She just said being sad didn’t help me and was only bad energy. So I listened to her and somehow I made it through those days.

Carlotta: The best advice was not to give up and be patient.

How are your styles different? How are they similar?

Chiara: We like the same kinds of things, we just style them differently.

Carlotta: Yes, we often like the same things but we interpret them very differently.

What do you admire most about each other?

Chiara: I admire her strength in her job, which is never easy to deal with.  I love her way of loving people, which is subtle; you only find out once you get to know her better, but it’s totally worth it.

Carlotta: From an aesthetic point of view, I really love her beautiful hair! Temperamentally I admire her sensibility.

What single word best captures your friendship?

“Amo" (love in Italian).

Do you have any nicknames for each other? If so, what are they?

Chiara: “Coddi” but I haven’t been using it for long

Carlotta: Amo.

Let’s say you have to get a tattoo that captures your relationship — or perhaps you already have? What would it be?

Chiara: It would be something which represents our values and our way of seeing life.

Carlotta: I’d love to get a tattoo with Chiara! It would for sure be something that represents our free spirits.

What colors and symbols did you pick for your Lucky bracelets and why?

Chiara: I chose the yellow gold palm because Carlotta is obsessed with palm trees.

Carlotta: I have picked the turquoise moon because it’s one of our favorite colors, and also Chiara’s favorite symbol.

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